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Hi guys, first post here. HI've hd my Aprilia SR 50 Scooter for quite a while now (maybe six years). For the last year or more I haven't driven it because it has an issue starting. HEre's what happens: I pull the brake lever and push the starter button and there is absolutely nothing.

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    This video is about Aprilia SR Startup Problem.I noticed that the spark plug receives no spark,it seems that the problem is ignition.

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The clicking you are hearing is likely the relay, so it will make it easier to diagnose things. This is a diagram of the relay (wire colors aren't completely correct, this is just for illustration). Power is always supplied to pin 3 on the relay. Power is supplied via the orange wire to the ignition switch. When the switch is turned on power.

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Hi, Having some problems with my Aprilia SR50 scooter. Basically I drove it over to the garage for a new MOT and the next day they rang me and said they couldn't start it. They replaced the battery and plugs and still its not starting. They're now saying that there could have been wires that have come loose inside the engine and that the whole.

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  • Problems Starting Aprilia RS My Aprilia bump starts fine but won't using the starter motor. Both the battery and the starter motor have been replaced. When the electric start is held the motor spins but doesn't engage the engine even when the battery has been fullly charged. I have taken it to my mechanic which has bypassed the battery.
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    FOREWORD. - This manual provides the information required for normal servicing.. - This manual is intended for use by aprilia Dealers and their qualified mechanics; certain information has been. omitted intentionally, as this manual does not purport to provide a comprehensive treatise on mechanics.

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    short clip of my scooter that wont start. Looking to see if anyone is having the same problem and or fixed it. Any help or trouble shooting advise would be.

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    Timing lights don't work on electronic ignitions (Please note: Timing lights are not strobe lights). The trigger for electronic ignitions work on the Galvanometer principle. The rotor needs to be in motion for the trigger to work. Gone, but not forgotten. RS , AM #4.
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