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Normal Boat Winterization includes changing the Engine Oil, Gear Lube, Fogging the Engine among the normal engine draining. However in certain cases customer.
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    Dags vinterkonservera innombordaren, och täcka båten.-Funderar du på att handla något av det jag här testat? Eller, som jag använder för att göra denna video.

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      In this video, I will show you how to step by step winterize a mercruiser engine in 30 minutes. I have a (6 Cylinder) carbureted engine/raw cooled. Of co.

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    Share. K views 13 years ago. Step by Step "How To" instructions for winterizing a Mercruiser L MPI Marine Engine and Alpha Sterndrive. This includes fully preparing for longterm cold.

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  • 1 Read your engine's owner's manual and all safety precautions. Most owner's manuals have step-by-step winterization instructions. 2 Find any missing manual online at Stern Drive Manuals. 3 Plan ahead and be aware that your engine has dangerous moving parts. 4 Perform a good tune-up to ensure the engine is running OK.
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    There are 8 easy steps you can follow to winterize a Mercruiser. Open the fuel tank cap and add the appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer into the fuel tank. Refer to the label on the bottle for the proper amount. Remove the boat drain plug with an open-end wrench. It is located at the bottom-rear of the boat.

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