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    Peugeot ABS light on, stability program issues solved c

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  • I have noticed through a quick scan of this and other forums that abs / esp sensor faults are fairly common in 's and even 's. By itself this is annoying at best but downright dangerous at worst, especially if the driver of the car has no experience of non abs cars or the use of cadence braking.

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    “The most auspicious of people, it is people who are useful.” My friends car gives these malfunctions: ABS ESP SYSTEM FAULTY anybody happened before? Or someone who can help NOTE: Warning goes when you switch the ignition on and off!, Peugeot Fan Club - Peugeot Forum.

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    Hi jbehanx, The ESP ABS and speed are all in one sensor on inside the hub behind the brake disks on each wheel, DO NOT CLEAN THEM AT ALL, as when you attempt to clean them you will break them when you remove them, anyway, the common fail is the rear left in all s, easy fix but you will need the car raised on a 4 post rack, fuel tank empty.

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      To find out which abs/speed sensor (s) thats faulty you will need to get a diagnostic check done The sensors can be bought on ebay aswell as the dealers. There a few guides on if you feel like doing the job yourself Advertisement rtisement Re: ABS / ESP fault with 's.

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    ABS rear right sensor replacement, ABS and ESP errors extinguished before connecting to the computer again. Note: ABS rear sensor Bosch brand 37,50 € & nbsp ;, & nbsp; on Ebay Unbranded 25 €. Thanks To Everyone.

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    SW ESP ASR Fault. I would put this thread in the section but need urgent replies. (MOD NOTE:: IVE MOVED IT TO THE SECTION) I took my Pug to the local garage after various codes were found. They replaced the EGR valve and MAF sensor, fixing 2 of the 4 errors. However, now there is ESP ASR fault.

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    It started with a ESP/ASR-fault warning a couple of weeks ago. Cold start and it had been heavy raining during the night. The ESP/ASR-fault went away after I turned it off and restarted. Then it came back. Same thing, cold start and rain. Went away again after a short ride and restart. Then ESP/ASR-fault appeared when it was a cold start and dry.

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