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Surface water is water located on top of land, forming terrestrial (surrounding by land on all sides) waterbodies, and may also be referred to as blue water, opposed to the seawater and waterbodies like the ocean. The vast majority of surface water is produced by precipitation.

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NIVA is the only expert environment in Norway that can offer services to national, regional and local water authorities for monitoring and classification of all biological quality elements with associated water chemistry support parameters in both freshwater and marine coastal waters.

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90 % of the water supply in Norway is based on surface water such as lakes and rivers, while 10 % is based on ground water. 42 % of the water production goes to households, 2 % to holiday homes and 25 % to industry. 31 % of drinking water produced is lost due to leaks from the water distribution system. Wastewater treatment.
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    1. Waterworks that supply at least 50 people These waterworks must be approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The waterworks can be municipal, intermunicipal or private. In total, 1, plants are registered in Norway, and these are included in the water statistics (NIPH, a).

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    The surface waters are an important part of the Norwegian landscape. Most of the largest rivers and catchment areas are situated in the south-east of the country, but there are lot of small rivers along the coast. The four largest Norwegian river systems are covering about a quarter of the Norwegian territory.
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    Municipal water supply is a statistic which describes topics in the water sector like municipal fees, self-cost, water pipelines, water works and people connected, water quality, household consumption etc. The statistic is part of the Municipality-to-State statistics (KOSTRA). Definitions. Administrative information.

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      Overarching goal The Norwegian water industry shall manage and develop the water and sewerage infrastructure in such a way as to ensure clean water from the tap and in nature and help ensure that Norway meets its sustainable development goals.

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  • The samples of sediment and water were not taken at the same geographical locations as the moss and soil samples, but a direct comparison of the data sets is still feasible. Retrospective studies indicate that long-range transport has been a significant source of heavy metal contamination in southern Norway for the last couple of centuries, but.