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      Step 1: Launch iPhone Settings. Step 2: Scroll to Battery. Step 3: Open ‘Battery Health & Charging’. Step 4: Check Maximum Capacity. If your iPhone battery’s maximum capacity is below 70%, you.

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  • Turn off Low Power Mode Reset your iPhone 1. Clear storage space in your iPhone The most common reason your iPhone is lagging is because it’s out of storage space. When your iPhone is almost full, iOS slows down your phone because it’s running out of space to work properly. To check your storage space: Go to your Settings app Tap General.
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    iOS fixes a bug causing laggy system animations on the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to reports on Reddit. “The lag that would occur when scrolling on your Home Screen or anywhere you would scroll is fixed,” wrote one of the posters. I’m glad that this problem will go away soon.

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    My iPhone X was very laggy after the OTA update ( to 15) - I was giving the culprit to my aging phone and on the verge to roll back Then I tried to re-update using the IPSW file (Alt+update) on Mac My phone is now a lot snappier and stable, you should give it a try if you’re experiencing lag and slowdowns (I know we shouldn’t install betas on daily drivers but I like living on the edge.

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    Solution 7. Update, Uninstall and Re-install Apps. If it is noticeable that your iPhone is lagging or freezing, when you run an app every time, the problem may be caused by the app. You could update the app firstly. Go to App Store > Tap Updates tab > Find the app and tap it > Hit UPDATE.

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    From the Home Screen of iPhone X or later or iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause slightly in the middle of the screen. On iPhone 8 or earlier, double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps. Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close. Swipe up on the app's preview to close the app.


    Amazon Web Services introducerade denna vecka Trainium2, dess nya accelerator för artificiell intelligens (AI) arbetsbelastning som påtagligt ökar prestandan jämfört med sin föregångare, vilket gör det möjligt för AWS att träna grundmodeller (FM) och stora språkmodeller (LLM) med upp till biljoner parametrar.

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    CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIEN Apple har i dag præsenteret iPhone 13 og iPhone 13 mini – den næste generation af verdens bedste smartphone, der har et flot design med elegante flade kanter i fem smukke nye farver. Begge modeller indeholder store innovationer, bl.a. det mest avancerede dobbeltkamera-system nogensinde på iPhone – med et nyt.