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Svolværgeita. / ; Svolværgeita or Geita (Northern Sami: Spålla) is a metre ( ft) tall pinnacle at the southwest face of the mountain Fløyfjellet on the island of Austvågøya in the Lofoten archipelago. The metre (1, ft) high Fløyfjellet is located on the edge of the town of Svolvær in Vågan Municipality in.

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Complete Guide to Climbing Svolvaergeita in the Lofoten Islands. Svolvaergeita, also called “The Goat,” is a pinnacle of rock that is a popular rock climbing spot in the Lofoten Islands. It is named The Goat because of the two horns of rock that sit atop the rock. Those with a sense of adventure can climb to the top of Svolvaergeita and.

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Rappel Route. Difficult moves in the beginning, then buckets to the ledge below the horns. 2 pitches. The shortest most direct climb of Svolværgeita. Forsida (Front Side) The longest route, climbing the entire pinnacle from almost it's lowest point. 5 pitches, over meters in length. Angel Wings d.

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Climb Svolværgeita. The iconic Svolværgeita (“The Goat”) towers over the Capital of Lofoten, Svolvær. This pillar of granite has multi-pitch routes for beginners and the advanced. If you´re a normally fit traveler you must come and climb Svolværgeita with us. It is said to be our guests highlight of their Lofoten visit, time and time.

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Svolvaergeita, also called The Goat, is a pinnacle of rock that is very popular with rock climbers. It’s located on the slope of Fløya and it’s from the top of this rock that you get one of the most unique views over Svolvaer. Svolvaergeita. Read all about our experience in the Complete Guide to Climbing Svolvaergeita.

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View in Map. Svolværgeita (“The Goat”) can easily be spotted from Svolvær. This famous pinnacle was first climbed in and climbers from all over the world has ever since arrived in Lofoten with a goal to climb one of the routes on The Goat. The pinnacle offers several multi-pitch routes from easy to difficult.

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    A challenging hike with spectacular views that will take your breath away. This short but somewhat strenuous hike will take you from Svolvær to an altitude of almost m in about two hours. Along the way you'll get a magnificent view of the famous Svolværgeita, you'll pass by the picturesque Djevelporten and enjoy a fantastic view of eastern Lofoten from the top of Fløya. The route has.

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  • One of the best places to visit in Svolvaer for history lovers is Kjeøya Kystbatteri, a WW2 bunker in the Lofoten city. Norway had many cities that were damaged during WW2 and the Lofoten Islands experienced their fair share of impact from the infamous war. In the southern part of Svolvaer, you will find Kjeøya Kystbatteri, an old WW2 bunker.