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Open Virtual Network OVN (Open Virtual Network) is a series of daemons for the Open vSwitch that translate virtual network configurations into OpenFlow. OVN is licensed under the open source Apache 2 license. OVN provides a higher-layer of abstraction than Open vSwitch, working with logical routers and logical switches, rather than flows.

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Open Virtual Network (OVN) is an Open vSwitch-based software-defined networking (SDN) solution for supplying network services to instances. OVN provides platform-neutral support for the full OpenStack Networking API. With OVN, you can programatically connect groups of guest instances into private L2 and L3 networks.


Open Virtual Network (OVN) is an Open vSwitch-based SDN for supplying network services to instances. This chapter describes the steps required to deploy OVN using director. Important OVN is currently available as a Technology Preview feature.

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  • First Steps Getting started with Open Virtual Network (OVN) for Open vSwitch? Start here. Install: OVN on Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD | OVN on Windows Tutorials: OVN Sandbox | OVN OpenStack Tutorial | OVN IPsec Tutorial | OVN Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Tutorial Deeper Dive Architecture Integration Guide for Centralized Control Testing Testing.
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    The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate OVN in an end-to-end way, that is, to show how it works from the cloud management system at the top (in this case, OpenStack and specifically its Neutron networking subsystem), through the OVN northbound and southbound databases, to the bottom at the OVN local controller and Open vSwitch data plane.

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      Udvidet reklamationsret med onsite-service til ovn år. Den udvidede reklamationsret gælder for tekniske fejl i op til 10 år, så du er sikker på, at din nye ovn fungerer, som den skal. En tekniker kommer direkte til dig, hvis der opstår et problem. Garantien gælder efter udløb af producentgarantien.
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